Credit where credit's due

Brooke White dips into the Dolly Parton song catalog and finds  "Jolene."

Randy damns with faint praise, but does think she could make an album of stuff like this, which should tell you everything you need to know about how Randy Jackson approaches the record business.

Paula also thinks she's what record producers want (emotion, blah, blah, blah), and from that vague effusion Simon finds something with which he can disagree AND use the b-word. (That would be "busking," for those of you who  haven't ridden the London Underground like Simon, navigating around the musicians who jam the tunnels at rush hour.)

It's clear by now, though, that Brooke's sweet smile and feigned agreement will carry her through any judicial unpleasantness.

 Then Ryan helps David Cook quash the mini-controversy over his tendency to cover other musician's covers, sometimes note for note. In a brief conversation before he sings Parton's "Little Sparrow," he finally credits Doxology and White Snake for his Beatles arrangements (and re-credits Chris Cornell for the "Billie Jean" version that blew us away just last week).

 I love the way he said he found what he was looking for on the Internet. All over America, there are kids saying the same thing about their term papers tonight.