The Endless Commercial

Shouldn't last night's results show have been labeled "paid programming"? It was one long series of informercials.

First for I-Tunes, then for Idol Gives Back and finally for a steakhouse owened by Kimberley Locke. I'm guessing by the name it's located in northern Westchester County in New York so I don't see how national exposure will help it. But what do I know about advertising steakhouses? The menu is composed apparently entirely of things Kimberley can't eat.

Oh, and at the very end of the show, they announced it was curtains for Chikezie. Not a big surprise although his vocals the evening before had been outstanding. But singing was never Chikezie's problem. It was his image.

First he always seemed annoyed by any setbacks or criticisms, like he was entitlted to win this contest. He was reminiscent of last year's bizarre Brittenum twins. But it made him seem churlish.

And finally it was a question of style. Chikezie was always  Carlton, never the Fresh Prince.

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