The long wait between two and three

Syesha joins Chikezie in the bottom three, which hardly seems fair.

Just think: If she'd been born three years earlier, she could've sung "God Bless the USA" and guaranteed herself a seat on what Ryan's calling "the sofa of safety" -- as well as an opportunity to meet Dolly Parton next week.

We won't, of course, know for sure how that worked for Kristy Lee Cook until we wade through the callers from home, all of whom seem to be 16 this week, and a visit from "Idol" alum Kimberley Locke, who's opened a restaurant since last we saw her, as well as losing 40 pounds.

Oh, and this just in: Whatever Simon (and just about everyone else may have thought) little David Archuleta chose that song all by himself. So there.