Prayer device prompts emergency landing at PHL

A 17-year-old passenger saying his morning prayers on a flight from La Guardia Airport to Louisville, Kentucky wound up prompting an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport this morning.

The passenger, as yet unnamed, strapped on a Jewish prayer device known as Tefillin, which involves a small leather box strapped to the head and other straps around the arms. A flight attendant who was not familiar with the device alerted her superiors.

The TSA was notified of a "disruptive passenger" and Flight 3079, which had already passed Philadelphia, circled back and landed here just before 9:00 a.m. The teenager was taken into custody and question while the plane underwent a security sweep.

At last report the situation was resolved and the flight was to continue on its way to Louisville. Get more information as it becomes available at CBS 3 and

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