Local first-grade teacher charged with child porn

A Delaware County man who until recently taught first grade at Penn Wood Elementary School has been charged with possession of child porn.

Action News reported this morning (and continued to state in their Web story as of 1 p.m.) that David Devine, 34, was caught with "5,000 sexually-explicit images of elementary school-aged children." Subsequent reporting by The Inquirer and William Bender of the Daily News put the number at 500 images.

According to the Inquirer, D.A. G. Michael Green said there was no evidence that Devine took any of the images, but rather that it appeared Devine downloaded the images off the Internet.

Devine, who has been suspended by the school during the investigation, lives across the street from Rose Tree Elementary School and is the director of Camp Flying Hawk, a local day camp.

More details will be added to this story as they become available. The District Attorney was expected to announce Devine's arrest later today.