Cop shot self, blamed 'black males'

At a news conference this morning, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said that the story Sgt. Robert Ralston had told on April 5 about an attack by 'two black males' in Overbrook that resulted in Ralston being shot in the shoulder was false - Ralston had made the story up after shooting himself.

"It was clear to us, soon after it took place, that this was simply not true. The evidence did not support the story he was giving," said Ramsey.

Ralston, a 21-year veteran of the force, will be suspended with intent to dismiss later today, Ramsey said, adding that the fictitious claim of black attackers "inflamed tension in our community."

Yesterday the Daily News reported on Ramsey's efforts to tighten police recruiting to better weed out those who may not be suitable for the job.

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