Sports hangover

THE Daily News Eagles Fan Panel has spoken and here is a sampling of opinions after the 37-19 loss to the Titans:

Good things: Akers, Rocca, and the run defense. Bad things: turning the ball over at the 2, fumbling the punt late and costly penalties. Horrible things: Eagles' sorry excuse for pass defense vs. Rutgers alum Kenny Britt. We gave this one away. There is no killer instinct.

- John Braithwaite,


As Man of Letters Alfred E. Newman says, "Ecccch!" More mistakes, more sloppy play. Who knew the Phillies depression would rub off on the Birds? Isn't coaching supposed to mitigate all these issues? It looks like everyone started their bye week at the end of the first half.

- Mike Breggar, Cherry Hill

I finally started to forget about the Phillies . . . until McCoy fumbled. Same problems keep surfacing every week. Ten penalties and the secondary was exposed. If Kenny Britt wasn't benched in the first quarter, he might have set a record for receiving yardage.

- Robert Pino, South Philly

Once upon a time, the Eagles held what looked like a solid 16-7 lead over Tennessee while keeping the fearsome Chris Johnson well-contained. Then LeSean McCoy fumbled the ball, and suddenly, we were treated to the nightmare that was the Kenny Britt show as he torched the Birds defense like it was a high school squad, and, sure as the sun sets in the west, the Birds lost to the Titans yet again. On the heels of the Phillies losing the NLCS, this made for a miserable weekend.

- Jeffrey C. Branch, Philadelphia

Can the Eagles defense really be so bad or was it just a "bad game"? I guess the week off will answer many questions - such as who will be the QB in 2 weeks? I am going out on a limb that Vick got his wish today. What a bad sports weekend for all of us!

- Paul Groffie, Marlton

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