Video: Take a look at this innovative micro apartment in Seattle, Wa.

Steve Saur, of Seattle, Washington, is the engineering brain behind a clever DIY operation called “pico dwelling”. About a decade ago, Saur saw an opportunity when a realtor friend showed him available storage unit spaces in the basement of a local building. Instead of seeing the dilapidated storage units as, well, improved storage spaces, he envisioned something a more livable.

Saur transformed the rooms into micro-apartments. These 182-square-foot living quarters are custom built to allow occupants the ability to enjoy a variety of rooms – bedroom, living, kitchen, bath – without actually leaving the one space. “I drive a Smart Car and I guess I like pushing the limit to see what I can do with the smallest kind of thing, in all ways. I guess being an engineer I like to kind of push efficiency limits all over the place because it’s just interesting to me."

The micro-apartments feature everything one could possibly need in their average-sized, one-person apartment, but on a condensed scale. A bathtub is hidden in the floor, a drawer-dishwasher hides conveniently under the kitchen sink and a mini fridge holds all the perishables. “It has every utility that anybody has.”

“When I very first started designing this thing, I was thinking [about a] bicycle messenger. [A] 22-year-old bicycle messenger with eight pieces of clothing with nothing else, just living in the city.”