Let a little light in with these hanging fixtures

Innovations in LEDs, compounded with many designers' renewed interest in age-old illumination techniques, have brought new life to contemporary lighting design. To celebrate creativity in this enduring design sector, the following are five notable hanging lights in a variety of mediums spotted throughout the 2013 Milan Design Week.

Lola Lely

On view at Ventura Lambrate in an exhibition put on by the London-based collective WORKs: Royal College of Art Graduates, Lola Lely's gorgeous PATINA project uses science to create a series of corroded lamps. Working with a master patineur from East London's Bronze Age Foundry, Lely hand-casts each piece in bronze using the lost-wax technique. The lamp shades are patinated using chemical formulas and oxidization methods, which includes being buried in dirt for periods of time. These processes create a protective layer of corrosion that produce textures, hues and veins resembling marble and stone. The lamps are then topped off with a dark wood fixture for a touch of gloss.

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