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Gorgeous glassware for a wine bar

Quaff in high style with wineglasses, flutes, decanters and tumblers for all kinds of tastes and occasions.

Gorgeous glassware for a wine bar

Just getting into wine and confused about which wineglass to buy? Already a wino and want to expand your collection? Here are my very favorite glasses for all styles and occasions, and as a sommelier and wine writer, I have a lot of practice. They are good looking and functional, and there's something for everyone (and every wine). Keep in mind that being able to see the color of the wine adds to the overall enjoyment of it, so almost everything I've chosen is in clear glass.


Govino Wine Glasses, Set of 12 - $38.85 »
With summer fast approaching, picnics, beach time and outdoor concerts are in your future. These Govino reusable plastic wineglasses are the perfect thing for drinking on the go.

Tip: Save your best wine for another day and use these

Zalto Universal Glass Set - $354.00 »

Zalto wineglasses, made in Austria, are some super sexy stemware. They are elegant and delicate, mouth-blown, and many wine geeks' favorite stem. I prefer the multipurpose universal glass because it's great for white, red or even bubbly.

Bormioli Rocco Bodega Tumbler Mini Glasses, Set of 12 - $23.00 »

I love a simple low tumbler for a weeknight red wine. You'll find these glasses at wine bars all over Paris. No need for stems or pretension.

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Frosted Dot Coupes - $68.00 »
There's just something special about drinking champagne from a delicate, old-fashioned coupe. These gold-rimmed, polka dot–etched coupes are lovely and allow for all those fizzy bubbles and vibrant aromatics to hit your nose.

Vintage Light Purple Apéritifs - $58.00 »
How fun are these? A lot of people don't think to fully enjoy a pre-dinner drinking moment. Imagine this aperitif glass in your hand filled with sparkling wine, an Aperol spritz, dry sherry or Lillet on ice.

Pokal Glass - $2.99 »
There's something so Italian trattoria about these glasses. I love using them for a simple red wine with spaghetti and meatballs during a laid-back Sunday supper.

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