DIY: Water bottle tote

There are 3 separate components that make up the overall tote design: A shaft, a bottom ribbon, and a handle.

Over the last five years or so, it seems that the world has become totally and completely inundated with… water bottles.

Probably due to a combination of people becoming more environmentally and health conscious, water bottles—whether they be plastic, metal, or glass—seem to be filling retail space lately. This is probably a good thing. I am totally, 100% in favor of people making healthier, more affordable, and more environmentally friendly drinking choices. My only gripe with the surplus of water bottles in the market is that, despite the massive number out there, none of them seems quite right. I’m not a huge fan of plastic as a material. And metal, with its somewhat peculiar taste, isn’t that much better. I’m also not too keen on the myriad of ways companies have taken to over-designing their bottles—from overly ornate surface embellishment to logos emblazoned boldly across much of their surface area. I know—I’m being ridiculous. It’s just a water bottle after all. I’ll take that. Still—I was curious why nobody could make a beautiful, simple portable water vessel made from glass.

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