Your vote: Boldin, not Cutler

The vote is in.

Anquan Boldin it is.

Now all that has to happen is the Cardinals have to agree to trade him.

So, we ran our little poll on Tuesday. It was as scientific as astrology, but so what? I happen to think it's a fair reflection of what people around here think. They do want Boldin, the Arizona wide receiving. They don't want Jay Cutler, the quarterback trying to whine his way out of Denver.

Me? I think Cutler is pretty intriguing. But I would be scared by what is happening right now with the Broncos. Now, it's true that there is a quarterback in Philadelphia named Donovan McNabb, and McNabb has extra pockets sewed in all of his clothing so as to be able to carry all of his various grudges at all times, but what Cutler is trying to pull in Denver goes well beyond anything McNabb has done. (Yet.) Yes, the new coach in Denver wanted to trade for the quarterback he trained from a pup. Jay, get over it.

I never thought the Cutler thing could be real for the Eagles -- for that reason, for the price it would likely take, and for the implicit repudiation of Kevin Kolb that such a move would signify. Unless the people over there are lying, they still like Kolb a lot, and they have a lot of time invested in him. So this thing just didn't fit.

As for Boldin, well, his support in the poll was predictable. (Second place on the poll was for the Eagles to keep their second first-round draft choice because of the need to fill multiple holes. Nobody wants to see them package the two picks to move up and make a blockbuster first-round selection. Me, I kind of liked that one myself.)

But Boldin it is. The truth is, he is a far better option than any receiver who was out there in free-agency, including T.J. Houshmandzadeh. There is some diva in the details, but it seems manageable if the money is right. This is the conversation-changing move to make, if that is the goal. If not, use both of the first-round picks (and come out of it with a running back, if nothing else.)

That's it. The people have spoken.