Wind-blown Game 1

The forecasts were right.

The wind will be an issue.

It is blowing and blowing hard from leftfield to right field. Sitting here in the press box, the tallest flag pole in centerfield in Citizens Bank Park, the pole holding the American flag, is moving in the wind -- not the flag, the pole itself. The flag is wrapped around the pole, the wind having spun it and spun it and spun it again around its spindle.

None of the flags have shredded -- it isn't like that, not yet. But the forecast was for 40-plus mph gusts and you have to believe it. The flag of the city is starched in blue and yellow. The red 2008 championship flag has wrapped once around the pole so that only the 008 is showing. The smaller white flags, of division championships gone by, are waving and attentive. All of it out toward rightfield.

Any fly ball hit higher than Harry the K's restaurant in left field -- higher than that structure -- will officially be an adventure. Because the wind will catch it, will grab it, will alter its flight at the least and carry it to Camden at the worst.

We could be talking about this for years.

And 3 hours before the first pitch, the red flag in centerfield is down to 08 being visible. And it continues to howl.