Where amazing happens, Eagles division

Back in the day, one imagines that the success of a television commercial was dependent upon whether or not people were whistling the jingle on the street, or repeating the catch-phrase in conversation, or some other such human-based measure. No longer. Now, you know your commercial was a success if it is parodied on YouTube in big numbers. All of which brings us to the NBA's where-amazing-happens ad campaign.

Go on YouTube and there are several zillion copycat commercials on pretty much every conceivable theme, all in the now-familiar style: a series of still pictures, simply captioned in the "where-xxxx-happens" manner, all backed by that hauntingly-insistent piano music.

If your team doesn't have one of these at this point, you don't have fans. Needeless to say, each of the Philadelphia teams have a couple of them. I'm still waiting for the cynical Philadelphia version -- you know, "where throwing up happens" -- but I haven't found that one.

Well, not yet.