What if Schilling had stayed?

Curt Schilling retired.

On his blog.



I used to wonder a lot what it might have been like if Schilling had stayed with the Phillies, of if he had come back that time when it seemed a possibility. Because there is no denying the big-game excellence of the guy, or the big mouth. I can argue that it would have been the kick they needed. I can just as easily argue that it would have been an annual firestorm that would have held them back. It is the beauty of you-never-know, and about arguing. Facts don't matter because there are no facts. With these kinds of arguments, as long as you have lungs you can stay in the game.

The man is a fascinating character. The man owned October. Given the chance to pitch in the post-season, again and again and again, Schilling came through for teams, again and again and again.  It is impossible to demonstrate greatness without the opportunity, and Schilling was given tons of opportunity -- and he delivered. I don't vote for the Baseball Hall of Fame and I don't want to, but he will be a fascinating case -- because if the post-season can deliver a player to Cooperstown, it will deliver Curt Schilling.

And, like I said, I used to wonder about what might have happened if Schilling had stayed -- if the Phillies had had the money to spend, if Ed Wade hadn't been the general manager. But I really don't wonder anymore. I mean, they won, and winning provides the great absolution. Winning does not answer all questions but it renders a lot of them meaningless. So it is with this one.

Besides, Schilling and a television career seem predestined, no? My guess is that we'll be seeing him more than ever, and soon.