The three-day hangover?

The pattern is obvious enough, even though everybody involved denies that it was an issue. It seems pretty clear that both Jamie Moyer and Brett Myers, after pitching on three days' rest last week in the Phillies' save-the-season series against Milwaukee, had to deal with some after-effects.

That isn't to say that manager Charlie Manuel wouldn't do it again, because he would. It paid off -- they won both of the starts against the Brewers, and they won Moyer's next start before losing last night at Florida with Myers pitching. But there was a price to be paid. Moyer lasted only 5 2/3 innings in his start against Atlanta, allowing six earned runs and walking four. The Phils won anyway because they always win in Atlanta anymore, but this was one of Moyer's worst outings of the season.

Then, Friday night in Florida, Myers was rocketed by the Marlins for 10 earned runs in four innings. The first inning, especially, was Billmeyeresque. Myers just had nothing.

Again, they all said it had nothing to do with the three days' rest thing. Fine.

And they clearly would do it again. Obviously.

Unless, of course, it turns out to be the mother of all hangovers.