Monday, December 29, 2014

The NFL eats well

At the NFL owners' meetings...

The NFL eats well

At the nicest restaurant in the palatial hotel where the NFL is currently holding its meetings, this is what I would have for dinner if I were an owner.

Appetizer: Caviar, naturally. My choice would be the Iranian Golden Osetra because I want the best. The price is a mere $275.

Entree: I won't take the most expensive thing, the $55 Colorado Rack of Lamb. I'm in a red meat mood so I'll go with  the Nebraska Prime Beef, with pommes dauphine, celery root and black truffle jus. That's $51.

Dessert: Molten chocolate cake for $12.

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Two beers to start, all priced about the same. How about a reliable Stella ($7 each)? As for the wine, I'm going to pick a bottle from the list that is right down the middle of the price range on Page 36 of the list, "Red Wines of Consequence." The selection is a Sirita Cabernet Franc, Napa Valley 2003, for $105.

Tax, tip, etc. That gets you to $575 for one person (maybe a little less because you're sharing the wine, unless you're thirsty).

Also known as your recession-battered season ticket money at work.

These are wealthy people and I get it. I don't criticize their wealth -- I criticize their sense of public relations (because, you know, they are in a very public business). They are hilariously tone deaf. Well-fed, but tone deaf.

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