The NFL eats well

At the nicest restaurant in the palatial hotel where the NFL is currently holding its meetings, this is what I would have for dinner if I were an owner.

Appetizer: Caviar, naturally. My choice would be the Iranian Golden Osetra because I want the best. The price is a mere $275.

Entree: I won't take the most expensive thing, the $55 Colorado Rack of Lamb. I'm in a red meat mood so I'll go with  the Nebraska Prime Beef, with pommes dauphine, celery root and black truffle jus. That's $51.

Dessert: Molten chocolate cake for $12.

Two beers to start, all priced about the same. How about a reliable Stella ($7 each)? As for the wine, I'm going to pick a bottle from the list that is right down the middle of the price range on Page 36 of the list, "Red Wines of Consequence." The selection is a Sirita Cabernet Franc, Napa Valley 2003, for $105.

Tax, tip, etc. That gets you to $575 for one person (maybe a little less because you're sharing the wine, unless you're thirsty).

Also known as your recession-battered season ticket money at work.

These are wealthy people and I get it. I don't criticize their wealth -- I criticize their sense of public relations (because, you know, they are in a very public business). They are hilariously tone deaf. Well-fed, but tone deaf.