T.O.'s New Book

You find the strangest things when you actually go into the office and clean out your mailbox. That is a semi-weekly/monthly chore for most sportswriters, who -- truth be told -- would never go in if they didn't want to be sure that their expense report receipts were received in good order.

Anyway, in my mailbox, the most interesting find on Friday morning was a copy of Terrell Owens' new book, "T.O.'s Finding Fitness." It's a pretty standard book. It contains his diet plan -- lots of egg whites and oatmeal for breakfast, maybe one drink a week -- and some weightlifting routines and an offer to buy the vitamin supplements that he takes and the elastic resistance things that he uses.

And the Eagles? They get almost no mentions.

The only club employees to get mentioned, from what I can tell, are Eric Sugarman (a former team assistant trainer) and Brian Dawkins (for delivering the blow that broke his collarbone back in 2003, when he played for the 49ers). As for the team itself, there appear to be two mentions. Both are contained on formatted pages talking about his injuries through the years.

The first mention comes when talking about that collarbone. The way it goes is:

"IMPACT ON CAREER: Became an Eagle, career soared.

"WHAT HAPPENED NEXT: Moved to Dallas, became a star!"

Next, there was the broken leg/ankle late in the 2004 season, the one from which he made the miraculous recovery to play in the Super Bowl. From the book:


"WORTH IT: Absolutely."

Along the way, there is no mention of driveway sit-ups. There are, however, several different suggestions about the best way to perform abdominal crunches.