Jennings 10th to Milwaukee (UPDATED)

UPDATED: Jennings has slipped far enough that he isn't coming to the green room.

From his agent, Bill Duffy: "Because we do not have a strong grasp of Brandon's draft position, I've advised that he and his family enjoy this day in a more private setting with the people he loves the most. Brandon Jennings will have a very illustrious career in the NBA, and at the end of the day, that is all that is important."



Up here in NY for tonight's draft. There is no news, only rumor.

Like this: the latest mock draft has the Sixers taking point guard Brandon Jennings.

It would be a gamble, to say the least, because of Jennings' decision to spend last season in Europe rather than in college. His numbers and his playing time were disappointing. He was hoping to be a top five pick or a top 10 pick. I interviewed him yesterday and he is brash and cocky and all of that. To fall to No. 17 would be a pretty significant comeuppance (or slidedownance).You wonder what the effect would be on such a super-confident kid. Then again, he is super-fast and the Sixers still presumably want to play super-fast under new coach Eddie Jordan. It makes sense that way.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Jennings' plan was to be in the green room -- but he acknowledged being worried about being the last guy in there, and the embarrassment. Maybe he had a sense he was slipping, maybe not. In  the end, he said, "It is everybody's dream, to shake David Stern's hand." At the same time, though, he admitted to "thinking about" skipping the whole thing and hanging with his family someplace instead.

So, we'll see. And if it were to happen, well, a question:  would this mean the Sixers finally have a European player, even if he is from California?