Sixers ready

"As far as going out and playing hard and being focused, they're ready," Sixers coach Tony DiLeo said before Game 1 against the Magic. (Ron Cortes Staff Photographer)

It's not as if he would say anything else, but Sixers coach Tony DiLeo says his team is ready for Game 1 of the  playoffs against Orlando. In a little pregame talk in the hallway outside the Sixers' dressing room, he acknowledged with a nod that it hasn't always been easy to know which team would show up this season, but that he's sure now.

"I'm confident," he said. "They're ready to play. They're really focused. It won't be for a lack of energy or a lack of focus. We may not shoot the ball well or something like that -- you can never guarantee anything like that -- but as far as going out and playing hard and being focused, they're ready."

DiLeo said Samuel Dalembert's injured shoulder is only a small issue and that Dalembert will play; "It may be a little bit of a lingering effect," DiLeo said, adding that the extra day -- the playoffs started Saturday -- would be a benefit to Dalembert and to the entire team's tactical preparation.

One other thing: as with most NBA teams at this time of year, DiLeo acknowledged that he would probably be shortening his bench a little bit. He said it depends on the game, but "anticipate using our bench, maybe not the minutes we have in the past. But we will use our bench because our bench has been pretty good."