Friday, September 4, 2015

Shawn Andrews, such a waste

Eagles release Shawn Andrews

Shawn Andrews, such a waste

The Eagles announced today that they released Shawn Andrews. (Ron Cortes / Staff Photographer)
The Eagles announced today that they released Shawn Andrews. (Ron Cortes / Staff Photographer)

I always thought Shawn Andrews was a welcome change of the usual football pace. A lot of people didn't agree. It doesn't really matter now, though -- now that the Eagles have released their former Pro Bowl right guard.

He was such a good player when his back was right, and his head was right. He was as good an athlete as they've ever had play the guard position. Andrews could have been a cornerstone for this team for a decade -- quirky, yes, but a cornerstone. But now he's gone.

Eagles coach Andy Reid said, "We appreciate the efforts and contributions of Shawn while he was here. We have, however, decided to move in another direction." The rough translation is that Reid didn't feel as if he could take another chance. There is no word on where Andrews is on his back rehabilation following surgery, no word on where his head is at. There is no word on why Reid would not have at least waited to see what Andrews looked like in minicamps in late April. Maybe he had it in his mind that if Andrews was not ready to participate in the off-season workouts that just commenced, that would be that. The short statement from the coach, as usual, leaves a lot unanswered.

As for Andrews, we are left with his musings on Twitter. He is all high road here at the end.

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First tweet: "Bye, Bye Birds........"

Second tweet: "ANDY REID!!! Respekt!!!!!!!"

Third tweet: "Todays theme song: "Take These Broken Wings" Learn to Fly again learn to just soar free....... #ImGood"

Fourth tweet: "It doesn't hurt as bad when u expekt the un expekted! GOD knows what he's doing... Chuuuuch"

So he seems to have seen it coming. Deep down, we all probably saw it coming. That doesn't change the odd feeling. In the end, the whole thing just seems like such a waste.


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