Saturday, September 5, 2015

Eagles tackle transformation

ESPN says a deal for Jason Peters is essentially done.

Eagles tackle transformation

Breaking news, apparently: ESPN is reporting -- and Paul Domowitch has confirmed -- that the Eagles essentially have completed a deal to bring Pro Bowl tackle Jason Peters to Philadelphia.

They describe it as an "agreement in principle." The Eagles would give up the 28th pick in the first round, plus a fourth-rounder and an undisclosed pick in 2010.

The report is that Peters is on the way to Philadelphia, and that there is talk he would need to pass a physical and maybe work out a contract extension.

This is enormous. That is likely takes the Eagles out of the Anquan Boldin sweepstakes will be an interesting side note -- they really do have better things to do with the 21st pick. But it would signal again what we knew all along: that this team builds from the lines out, and that it felt it needed a complete overhaul at offensive tackle, and this will have accomplished it. Peters on the left and Stacy Andrews on the right has a chance to be a giant improvement.

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They will have accomplished a generational shift along their line in the blink of an eye. There is nothing worse than having to watch a kid left tackle struggle through the growing pains -- and the Eagles have avoided that. There is nothing more worrisome than watching a team plug one hole by weakening itself at two spots -- and the Eagles have just avoided that, too, because now there is no reason to shift right guard Shawn Andrews over to left tackle.

There is no way to hide a problem at left tackle. There is no way in the NFL to paper over troubles in that particular position. It is why so few good veteran left tackles shake loose. That Peters did -- because of his adamant insistence on a new contract from the Bills, following a long and loud holdout last summer -- is the Eagles' good fortune.

Anybody who says they don't like this does not watch the sport.

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