Pressure's on the Cowboys

Let's not overstate this.Nobody is under a ton of pressure tonight at Texas Stadium. Both the Eagles and Cowboys won their openers. Nobody is desperate for a win, not in Week 2. Nobody will be knocked terribly off of their axis by losing tonight, provided that both quarterbacks end the game on their feet.

Still, the heat is on the Cowboys.

It's not furnace-heat, but it is there. They are the best team. They are the preseason favorite to win the division and win the Super Bowl and rule the galaxy. And this will be their first test. It comes against an Eagles team that is feeling great about itself. If the Eagles were to win, the chorus of doubters would not begin singing, not necessarily, but there would be some polite throat-clearing.

This comes from a column in the Dallas Morning News written this morning by Jean-Jacques Taylor:

"This is not a night for moral victories.
"This isn't a game for coulda, woulda, shoulda. No excuses allowed.

"The Cowboys have the NFC's most talented roster, according to almost everyone who examines these sort of things. They're supposed to beat Philadelphia in Texas Stadium.


"End of discussion.

"This is a game the Cowboys need to win two games into the season. Trust me, it's not too early to send a worthy NFC East foe a message."

So, we'll see. There really is no outcome that would shock me, including a blowout either way. We're all supposed to be loud and sure, but honest people aren't. We still don't know what we're looking at.