Friday, December 26, 2014

Phils favored to win East

And some other odds and stuff.

Phils favored to win East

Odds and ends as we prepare for the crushing boredom of Super Bowl XLIII (I think):

According to Vegas -- all-knowing, all-seeing Vegas -- the Phillies are the most likely team from the National League East to win the World Series. Their odds to repeat as champions are 17-2. That makes them the fourth choice, behind the Yankees (11-4), Cubs (11-2) and Red Sox (15-2).  Directly behind the Phils are the Mets and Dodgers, both at 10-1. All of which seems reasonable enough, I guess, given how much money the Yankees just spent. But didn't anybody else see the Cubs in the playoffs last year?

Then there are the Eagles. They already have the odds up for next year's Super Bowl, and the Patriots are favored to win that one at 6-1. Behind them are the Steelers (7-1), Giants (8-1), Colts (8-1), Cowboys (9-1), Ravens (11-1) and then the Eagles, Panthers and Titans (12-1). That make the Eagles tied for seventh in the NFL. It also makes them third in the NFC East. It also raises one obvious question:


In the NHL, Detroit is the favorite to win another Stanley Cup at 3-1, followed by San Jose at 7-2. The Flyers are at 15-1, tied for the eighth choice and trailing Boston, Washington and Montreal in the East.

NBA? The Lakers are the 6-5 favorites and Boston is 2-1. The Sixers are 17th at 50-1, which is worse than the start of the season when they were 40-1. Apparently they don't like Elton.

Finally, in college basketball, North Carolina is the 8-5 choice to win it all, followed by Pitt at 7-1. Your Villanova Wildcats are the 16th choice at 30-1.

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