Phils: Myers did fine

Lousy weather in Orlando, rainy, foggy, getting ready to fly home, doing the second-guess thing in my head about how Phils manager Charlie Manuel lined up his pitching rotation for the World Series.

I have already said that I would have done what Manuel did -- Cole Hamels, Brett Myers, Jamie Moyer and Joe Blanton in Games 1-4. I really think there is a danger in over-thinking this stuff, especially at this time of year. Over-thinking can start to smell like panic if you aren't careful. I think what Manuel did was fine.

The decision he had to make was whether or not to pitch Myers in Game 2 on the road or Game 3 at home, where he has been so successful this season. In hindsight, now that the Phils have lost Game 2, it is only natural to roll it all around in your head and wonder. But the more it rolls around, sloshing with the byproducts of the coffee IV that most everyone traveling with this team is hooked up to at this point, it still seems to have been the right way to go.

Think about it. The Phils did not lose Game 2 because of Myers. He might not have been stellar, but he was professional. He got better as the night went on. He settled in and did fine, acquitting himself well enough in his first World Series appearance. Repeat: the did not lose because of Myers.

They lost because they were 1-15 with runners in scoring position. Oh, yeah; that.

Now they have Moyer at home for Game 3. He has not pitched well so far in the  post-season but both of the games, against Milwaukee and Los Angeles, were on the road. I have no idea what will  happen on Saturday night, but I have to think that that being at home, in the biggest moment of a long professional life, will work in his favor.

And, another thing: with it lined up this way, you have Myers rested and ready for Game 6 -- which is where this thing is almost certainly headed. If you believe in Cole Hamels, regardless of what happens in Games 3 and 4, then this is going to get to Game 6.

So, that's it.