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Peter King loooooves the Eagles' draft

SI's Peter King loves the Eagles' draft day maneuvering.

Peter King loooooves the Eagles' draft

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Everybody loved the Eagles' draft. Sports Illustrated's Peter King loved the Eagles' draft. But King has posted an analysis online that walks you through the Eagles' second day draft maneuvering, all of the dizzying trades, and comes to this conclusion: 

What would you think if I told you the Philadelphia Eagles got third-, fifth-, sixth- and seventh-round draft choices, plus half a starting cornerback for nothing in this year's draft?

That's right. For free. There are no smoke, mirrors or cheating involved. Only thought and effort.

For moving down six spots in the third round -- eventually taking a player they were considering for that 85th pick anyway -- the Eagles got filthy rich. I am shocked more teams don't run their draft the way the Eagles do. It s almost irresponsible that teams don't do it the Philadelphia way.

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"Actually, I'm happy more teams don't,'' said Tom Heckert, the Eagles general manager. "If more teams did, we wouldn't be able to do what we do.''

Traditionally, King loves him some Eagles. He likes the coach, likes the front office. He is spot on here, though, and it is hard to find a cynical counter-argument. It is a thorough analysis of the maneuvering and the conclusion is clear: if Cornelius Ingram really is a player they considered taking in the third round then this was intelligent theft.


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