Paterno sounds off

Joe Paterno wants some changes. Here's the link to the story that lays it all out.

He wants an expansion of the Big 10 to a 12th team -- Pitt, Syracuse, Rutgers, he doesn't seem to care. He wants a post-season playoff because the Big 10 "go(es) into hiding for six weeks" after the regular season while the other conferences get ready for their playoffs. He says he brings it up and Big 10 officials "snicker" behind his back. He says they don't know that he knows that they're snickering -- until now, anyway.

The people at Rutgers and the rest also will be heartened to hear that Paterno believes Penn State is the only team from the Northeast with a chance at winning a national championship. He said, "The only [Northeastern] team that's got a shot would be us, and yet we've got a tough job because the Big Ten is not as visible in the key times as the Southeastern Conference and the Big 12."

He also said that he actually coached this spring, as opposed to simply overseeing things the previous year. And he said that might be the "kiss of death."