Odds on Vick

Because you can bet on anything these days, even outside of the state of Delaware, the following odds on different Michael Vick propositions arrive courtesy of bodog.com.

How many games will Michael Vick be suspended for?


Over 4 Games                           Even

Under 4 Games                         2/1

Exactly 4 Games                       2/1


Will Michael Vick start a game at QB this season?

Yes                                          2/1

No                                            1/3


Will Michael Vick be a Philadelphia Eagle for week 1 of the 2010 NFL season?

Yes                                          1/2

No                                            9/5


What will Michael Vick have more of in the 2009 NFL season?

Passing                                    6/5

Rushing                                    2/3


How many passing yards will Michael Vick have for the 2009 NFL season?

Over/Under                                160


How many rushing yards will Michael Vick have for the 2009 NFL season?

Over/Under                                200


What position will Michael Vick be lined up in the first time he enters a game?

Quarterback                              3/2

Running Back                            3/5

Wide Receiver                           9/1


What will Michael Vick record first?

Passing Touchdown                   3/2

Rushing Touchdown                   3/5

Receiving Touchdown                 4/1


Michael Vick's first pass attempt will be?

Complete                                 2/3

Incomplete or Interception           6/5


Will Donovan McNabb catch a pass this season?

Yes                                          8/1

No                                            1/16