Nothing New for Lito

My favorite Lito Sheppard moment today was when he inserted his enormous diamond stud earrings into place. Surrounded by reporters, answering questions, Sheppard screwed in one earring, then the other. And then he picked up a white sweat sock out of his locker and used it to wipe the fingerprints off of the diamonds and shine them up. Sweet.

Lito, by the way, is still here. The last obvious window  for trading him passed with the final roster cutdowns this weekend. Barring a huge surprise, he will be the third cornerback for the Eagles in this Sunday's opener against St. Louis, playing behind newly-acquired Asante Samuel and old pal Sheldon Brown.

At one point, somebody asked if Sheppard could still be excited by the upcoming season,  given that he really would prefer to be starting someplace else. He said, "Of course. A lot of positives have come out of this situation."

Like what? In so many words, Sheppard said, it gives him the opportunity  to "prove that I should be (starting) so you guys can ask the question why I'm not."

After a little more, Sheppard was done.

"Sweet?" he asked,  then walked away from reporters.