More T.O. on Donovan; Will This Week Never End?

And on the seventh day, Terrell Owens still says that Donovan McNabb was jealous.

This time on ESPN, this morning, talking to Suzy Kolber:

“I think there may have been a little jealousy, as the fact that sometimes I took a little bit of the limelight off them.  You got 60 odd thousand people -- however many the Linc holds -- you got the whole stadium in there (chanting), ‘TO, TO, TO, TO.’ He (McNabb) was supposed to be the guy. I think there’s a lot of things that Donovan has been confronted with since being in Philly. … Over all those years, he’s had a chip on his shoulder. And for them to kind of shift the love, so to speak, to me it was almost like I was ‘the man’ in the city. … I wasn’t trying to come in there and steal anybody’s limelight. I was happy at the fact that I could share it. We could have done some great things.”
This too shall pass, hopefully.

When the hell is the kickoff?