McNabb mourns MJ

In his blog, Donovan McNabb mourns the passing of Michael Jackson.

Here's the entry:


Like most of the rest of the world I am devastated by the news of Michael Jackson’s death. Ironically, I am in Los Angeles for a few days between shooting a commercial and attending a teammate’s wedding this weekend.

Those who have followed my career know that I am a huge fan of the King of Pop. After many of my touchdowns, I have moonwalked or mimicked some of his moves – before you get ready to criticize those moves on a post, know that even I understand I couldn’t hold a candle to Michael when it comes to dancing. My dances were a mere tribute to Michael’s unbelievable ability to entertain.

Many times we are reminded at someone’s death that “there will never be another one like him/her.” In this case, those words couldn’t be more true.

My condolences go out to his children, his immediate family, and his extended family of millions around the world.


PS: The wedding in question is apparently the Hank/Kendra nuptials.