McNabb checks in from Arizona

Donovan McNabb has checked in via Yardbarker.

There is no news here -- he's in Arizona, doing fine, etc. Mostly, the post is a copy of a press release announcing what sounds like a really nice event being run by his wife, Raquel, and the nurses at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, a Community Baby Shower on May 2 at the Penn Ice Rink. Click on at for registration details.

For Donovanologists, though, there is one bit of news. During the season, you will remember, Raquel gave birth to twins after what was described as a difficult pregnancy. At various points, McNabb either kind of said or kind of didn't say that concern for his wife during that period of time contributed to the slump that led to his mid-season benching. His words were readable in various ways, as were subsequent statements. He was consistent about only one thing the day he first talked about it: that he would not reveal the names of the twins.

Well, now the press release has. They are Sariah and Donovan Jr.