How good was Vick?

In his first start with the Eagles, Michael Vick did something that Donovan McNabb never did. (David Maialetti / Staff Photographer)

How good was Michael Vick on Sunday in Detroit?

This good:

The last time an Eagles quarterback was sacked at least six times and still won the game, it was...

...wait for it...

December 13, 1992.

The quarterback was Randall Cunningham. The final score was 20-17, a win for the Eagles at the Kingdome against the Seattle Seahawks. In the years since then, the years and the quarterbacks, the Eagles' record when their quarterbacks get sacked six or more times in a game was 0-16-1. That includes their Week 1 loss this year to Green Bay.

Around the league, it isn't quite so uncommon. In the decade of the 2000s, a team getting sacked six or more times managed to win about 16 percent of the time. It happens about four times a year in the league. Vick was the first in 2010.

The underlying message here is that what Vick was able to do was very unsual, and very special. The idea that a team can allow six sacks a game and survive is crazy. And whether it is with play calling, more people blocking or different people blocking, the Eagles are going to have to fix this immediately -- and that would be true even if Kevin Kolb were not about to return to the starting lineup.

One final stat. This was even unusual and special for Vick. During his time in Atlanta, best as I can tell, Vick only won one of these six-plus sack games in eight tries.

In other words, don't expect this to become a habit.