Giants wouldn't let Burress play, would they?

Giants receiver Plaxico Burress did the perp walk Monday morning, turning himself in to police in New York. The reports said he wasn't limping, even though he had apparently accidentally shot himself in the thigh at a nightclub, which would involve possession of a loaded weapon without a permit, which is kind of against the law in New York City. The mandatory penalty, if he is convicted, is at least 3 1/2 years in jail.

Anyway, his lawyer is a big-time guy named Benjamin Brafman. And, with  that, there is this from the New York Daily News:

"My hope is that it plays out well and he can continue his career because he's a good person, I think, with a brilliant athletic career," said Brafman outside the precinct. "It would be a terrible sadness if an isolated incident could ruin a life."

"If they let him play, he'll be able to play," said Brafman, insisting that Burress was recovering quickly from both the gunshot wound and a hamstring strain that had already sidelined him.

All of which raises the questions, as a date with the Eagles awaits on Sunday:

The Giants wouldn't dare let him play? Would they?