Friday, March 6, 2015

Giants' reaction to Vick

Tom Coughlin wonders, like the rest of us.

Giants' reaction to Vick

It was just a coincidence, Giants coach Tom Coughlin said, that he had his defense practicing against the Wildcat offense on the morning after the Eagles signed Michael Vick.

"It was," Coughlin said. "It really was. These schedules are made well in advance."

He wasn't lying -- the practice schedule was probably drawn up in the spring sometime. But the conversation will continue on two levels here, and it will continue for months that way. On the one hand, Vick did jail time for his involvement in a dog-fighting scheme that including drowning and electrocuting the animals. On the other hand, the guy is a football player and he will create some issues for opposing defenses once he is on the field.

"I have no idea what their plans are," Coughlin said. "We play Philadelphia relatively middle and late, so hopefully we’ll have a chance to see what their plan is by then and be prepared for it. But I think it’s something that because it was introduced to the league and because so many people got involved in it, we had planned to work against it as best we could in training camp. Even if it’s just to show everybody what basically the offense is, what the combinations of plays are."

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Meanwhile, general manager Jerry Reese was asked if this made the Eagles better.

"Oh, I don’t know that," Reese said "…Who knows? I’m happy that he’s got a second chance to move on in his life and again, I wish him the best except when he plays us.

Two tracks, two separate conversations. Months to go.

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