Fox, Manny, etc.

There is outrage in the land. How dare Fox cut away from precious Phillies at-bats, showing them in split-screen, to watch Manny Ramirez play for the Dodgers? How dare a television network -- as ESPN did during his minor-league rehab at-bats; rehab, heh, heh -- glorify this cheating piece of scum?

I've got news for you. Television does not lead opinion, it follows it. Television makes money by giving people what they want, not by offering castor oil.

They showed people Manny because people wanted to see Manny.

Because people aren't mad at Manny.

Because people have made their peace with Manny and the rest of the scurrilous lot of them, viewing their steroidal transgressions in the same way they view alcohol-fueled celebrity hijinks. You know, as entertainment.

I've been saying this for a while, only to be scolded by All Good and Righteous People and pretty much ignored by the other 95 percent of the population. This whole post is just an excuse to offer a link to something written by the great Charlie Pierce, who happens to say the same thing with a lot more ability than I could muster.

That's it. And enjoy the ballgame.