Eagles swimming in cap space

From Mike Florio at profootballtalk.com comes this latest accounting of cap space around the National Football League.

In a shocking development, the Eagles have a ton: $23.1 million, fifth most in the NFL.

Months ago, club president Joe Banner said the Eagles couldn't possibly spend it all, and he is proving to be accurate. The Eagles will not be able to spend it all. They have enough cash to go out and make another move, if that is their desire. They have enough money to make another move and to extend Donovan McNabb, if that is their desire. They can make another move, extend Donovan McNabb and Sheldon Brown and drop hundred dollar bills from a helicopter and still have money left over to stuff into a very comfortable mattress.

You know what the saddest part of going into an uncapped year in 2010 will be -- if that, indeed, is the result of the collective bargaining negotiations that are supposedly going to begin in the coming months. If the NFL loses its salary cap, it will lose this readily-available accounting of who is spending what. It will leave us all without anything to talk about -- except the run-pass ratio.