Eagles shortchanged by over/under

My apologies if this list has already been chewed over, but if it was, I missed it. It is annual springtime fodder, the NFL over/under list for wins in the upcoming season. I can't believe the Eagles' over/under is only 9 wins.

Just look at these three numbers:

Giants, 10.5 win.

Cowboys, 9.5 wins.

Eagles, 9 wins.

Maybe it's because New York is a bigger market. Maybe it's because everybody follows the Dallas Cowboys. Maybe the totals of those two teams are over-inflated as a result. I don't know. But I have a hard time seeing it. When the games mattered last year, when the final accounting was done, a schizophrenic Eagles team was better than the Cowboys and beat the Giants at the Meadowlands in the playoffs -- and, on top of that, the Eagles have remade their offense in an attempt to remove some of the schizophrenia.

I know, I know, I'm counting on Jason Peters being a player at left tackle, and Leonard Weaver at fullback, and LeSean McCoy at backup running back. But McCoy is the only one who doesn't have an NFL track record. It just seems to me that the Eagles have created more options for themselves to win close games, or ugly games. They won nine and tied one last year, and they lost (and tied) a number of tight and nasty games, and even if they pull out only one more of them, they're better than 9.

What am I missing?