Eagles playoff odds: 1 out of 3

I had pulled the number out of my, uh, pocket the other day on Daily News Live, saying that I thought the Eagles had about a one out of three chance of making the playoffs with seven games left.

Turns out, my, uh, pocket has been vindicated by the number-crunchers at footballoutsiders.com. They update the playoff odds every week for every team, running some kind of simulation where they play out the season 10,000 times on their computer and commence ciphering.

Last week, before they lost to the Giants, the Eagles were slightly better than 50-50 to make the post-season. Now, with just that one loss, the number has plummeted to 34.9 percent. (By comparison, the Giants are 97 percent, the Redskins are 55.1 percent and the Cowboys -- despite the bravado of owner Jerry Jones -- are 2.5 percent.) How the Eagles could be about 15 times more likely than the Cowboys to get in makes me wonder, seeing as how they have the same record and the Cowboys already beat the Eagles, but ours is not the reason why. Ours is just to report what the computer says.

Anyway, one out of three.