Eagles Super Bowl Reservations

We here at Dr. Z Travel, a full-service agency, felt it was time to lay out your options for a trip to Tampa and Super Bowl XLIII. You know, just in case.

The game is scheduled for Sunday, February 1. You want to go in on the previous Thursday. That would give you 72 hours pre-game to sample all of the cultural opportunities that the Tampa-St. Pete area has to offer (leaving approximately 70 hours to drink). Best as I can tell, though, there are no non-stop flights available on that date. Delta has some connections through Atlanta for $438.

A better strategy might be to fly to Orlando, which is 81 miles from Tampa. Now, you have to fly AirTran to get this deal, but an overcrowded plane is an overcrowded plane, right? Anyway, you can go nonstop to Orlando for $324.

Now, hotels. This is always the worst part at the Super Bowl. And Tampa, the land of strip clubs, has made the clear decision that room rates will be high enough that you will be left with nothing but your socks and underwear at the end of the journey.

Red Roof Inn, four nights: $1,210.

Rodeway Inn, $834.

La Quinta, $2,000.

EconoLodge, $800.

Those appear to be the sum total of your choices. And as for the game tickets, you are on your own. Don't tell anybody, but the last time the Eagles were in the Super Bowl, someone who allegedly has connections -- you know, me -- paid about $2,500 to get a scalped ticket for someone. I cannot fathom what they might go for this year if, well, you know.

And, folks, remember our motto here at Dr. Z Travel: The Early Birds Fan Catches the Last Nonstop.

Oh, and this: No Refunds or Exchanges.