The Eagles' Rampant Fabulosity

Well, then.

Can they bottle it? Photocopy it? Burn an imprint into their cerebral cortex?

Yes, the Eagles' exhibition win over the Patriots was that good.

All of the time-honored warnings apply, yes. It was only a pretend game and the Pats were without starting quarterback Tom Brady. Even with that, though, it is hard not to be impressed with what the Eagles did last night at New England -- especially on special teams, where Quentin Demps returned a kickoff for a touchdown and DeSean Jackson returned a punt for a touchdown. (Eagles rookies making an impact; a phrase I have never written.)

You worry about injuries, yes -- and safety Brian Dawkins went off with a bad ankle and center Jamaal Jackson suffered a concussion. The nicks are starting to pile up, and that tempers everything. But it is impossible not to be impressed, especially with DeSean Jackson's play on special teams and as a receiver. To go overboard is to mock NFL history, and I won't. But he looks good, very smooth, very fast. I still think they need to get a receiver in case Kevin Curtis and his sports hernia become a season-long issue, but Jackson is doing his best to disarm this kind of skepticism.

By the way, there really is nothing more to see. The last exhibition game will be completely meaningless; exhibition, meaningless, redundant. We all can pretty much close our eyes now until the opener. This is the vision with which the Eagles left you. There are worse things.