Eagles, Entourage, Etc.

Father and son, sportswriter and sportswriter-in-training, emailing.

Rich: Well, your two favorite teams had their openers last Sunday. Who's going to have the better season, the Eagles or Entourage?

Rich Jr.: Well, after one week, both teams got off to very strong starts. I actually think that there are many parallels between the two. Let's start off with the great week the quarterback had. He looked rejuvenated and like he was finally having fun again. The last time I really saw that face was when he beat T.O. in the first rematch. Just like Donovan, Vinny Chase NEEDS to be a star. He always has had the talent, but he hasn't put it out on screen consistently. The trip to Mexico will light a fire under him.

Rich: What about your boy Ari? Did he get enough screen time?

Rich Jr.: Ari is consistently good when he is the arrogant jerk and the show runs most of the offense through him. He reminds me of a certain No. 36 in green. Both teams need to keep them very involved. Oh, and three 100-yard receivers! Those are the guys that can take this team over the top. Hmmmm, they remind me of a Z-List actor who tags along with his more talented brother, and whose hilarious (and usually pathetic) contributions take the group to a whole other level. That's my favorite character, Johnny Drama. If the receiving corps keep this up semi-consistently, it would be the equivalent of Drama winning an Oscar.

Rich: Can we possibly extend this comparison any more?

Rich Jr.: The defense was fantastic, and are essential to this team. Just like E, they need to do their business quickly and effectively, and get off the field. I haven't found somebody who resembles Turtle yet, but I was happy that he got a girl on the beach. Up next are the Dallas Cowboys, who present a (cue Mike and the Mad Dog voices) Huh-Yuuuge obstacle within the division. Similarly, I am preparing for the inevitable return of Dom (NOOOOOOOOOO), who could derail the season in a heartbeat.Both teams show promise, but there are many obstacles along the way. I am cautiously optimistic.

Rich: You spent some valuable study time at Shea Stadium last weekend to watch the Phils and Mets. Did you get beat up or anything?

Rich Jr.: Personally, I wasn't treated badly at all. Of course I left most of my Phillies gear at home, so I didn't stand out. There were a healthy amount of Phils fans in the the house both nights. Nothing like the number of Mets fans
when they come to the Bank, but I'll attribute that to Shea Stadium. Let's just say it's not very nice and leave it at that.
Sunday was really an electric atmosphere and also very hostile. Anyone in Phillies gear was booed very loudly (I was sitting in the upper deck). A couple of my buddies came straight from the Eagles game but they managed all right. They were in Eagles gear and I guess rowdy Mets fans are like bulls: They only attack the red. P.S.: Did you know "Let's" and "Mets" rhyme? Well they do.

Rich: Back to the Eagles. While the Phillies reach for the wildcard, everybody here is really all about Monday night at Texas Stadium. Do you think they have a shot? Are you worried at all that the St. Louis game might have been a mirage, like that Detroit game in the yellow uniforms last year?

Rich Jr.: Well, I was encouraged by the all-around team effort. I would first point to the defense, which was excellent the entire game. During that Lions game, Kitna was marching them up and down the field for a quarter or so. That being said, the Rams played about the worst 60 minutes of football that you will see. By the way, how bad is the NFC West? The Seahawks were shellacked by the Bills and the Niners lost to your division leader, The Arizona Cardinals! I think it's safe to say that Hank Baskett will not run free again on 3rd-and-10 from their own 10-yard line. This team will get a true test in trying to run through the gauntlet which is the next three weeks: at Dallas,
Pittsburgh, and at Chcago. I'm trembling just thinking about that.