Eagles' Empty Ring Fingers

Three Eagles have Super Bowl rings.

Only three.

There was a time when NFL teams would sometimes add a guy or two onto the back end of their rosters because they had winning experience. It was when money didn't matter so much, and teamwork and team intangibles seemed to matter a lot more. You could bring on a "team" guy, well,  just because.

Now, though, you kind of have what you have. And what the Eagles have is three players who have had the experience of being on a team that hoisted the Lombardi trophy, players who have enjoyed the great confetti shower on the field. Only three:

Asante Samuel, twice with the Patriots.

Dan Klecko, twice with the Pats and once with Indianapolis.

Tank Daniels, last year with the Giants.

That's it -- three guys, one starter. The Eagles have a bunch of guys with playoff experience, and a significant core with extensive playoff experience, but only those three have made it all the way. All of which is not a big deal on the one hand, but is kind of instructive on the other.

Put it this way: when they mark up the great strength/weakness board in the sky, the Eagles will not get a check mark next to "championship experience." That's all.