Eagles' Biggest Worry: Pass Rush

If we could all stop talking about Donovan McNabb for 5 seconds, the real problem for the Eagles should be self-evident: they need to start rushing the passer or they will die.

That's it.

We can spin this and torture this forever and it still comes down to getting the quarterback. The Eagles know that. They have spent a jillion dollars over the last few years trying to accomplish it. But they didn't get to Tony Romo enough on Monday night and that's why Romo was able to convert all of those third downs and throw all of those daggers downfield. The coverage wasn't great but the pressure wasn't adequate. We can chicken-and-egg this thing if you want, but most people believe that it starts and ends with the pass rush in the NFL. And the Eagles didn't sack Romo on Monday night.

Trent Cole is a good player. He got some pressures, caused some penalties. The Eagles did pressure Romo into one turnover, the hurried throw that Asante Samuel intercepted. It isn't as if they had no pressure -- because it also should be noted that Romo deals with the heat pretty well (except when he acts like a knucklehead, like he did in the end zone with that fumble).

But it isn't enough; this a recording. They are not getting enough pressure from the tackles on pass plays and they are not getting enough from the left defensive end. They need more from Darren Howard. They need something from Chris Clemons. They need to hope that Victor Abiamiri and his hand injury heal quickly, and that he has the upside they perceive.

That's it.