Da key vs. Giants? Maybe DeSean

DeSean Jackson has provided a spark to an Eagles offense that has been inconsistent this season. (Michael Bryant/Staff Photographer)

I've been talking about this all week, the need for the Eagles to throw the ball downfield. What Seattle did last week to start the game was crazy -- blitzing, tight coverage, the defense crowded in the box. It was a situation crying for some throws downfield, throws that never came.

Now, this Sunday night game against the Giants arrives. I know that Brian Westbrook has been very, very good against the Giants in his career -- and he is still the go-to guy in every sense of the word. But I just sense a need to open things up, to stretch the field, to get some big gulps of yardage, if the Eagles are going to have this game go their way. And the guy I keep seeing as key to this is rookie receiver DeSean Jackson, whose productivity has wavered up and down, as rookie productivity tends to do. But the potential is clear.

In the New York Post, the Giants' Antonio Pierce sees something similar. "That little young guy's real good," Pierce said. "Now they got that little speed devil out there. (Quarterback Donovan) McNabb always said he wanted a No. 1 guy, he might not be built like a No. 1 guy but he's playing like a No. 1 guy. We'll have our hands full."

 So watch for that. Even one early completion downfield to Jackson could open things up for everybody.