Coming soon: NFL Draftapalooza

As someone who remembers when the NFL draft was sometimes 12 rounds in one-day, an absolute car wreck of a day, the evolution of this thing is nothing short of astounding. And now comes this news, which actually has been coming for a while but which the NFL is now saying out loud:

The league is considering taking the first round to prime time, and turning it into a seven-round, three-day extravaganza.

The confirmation comes from an NFL public relations guy, via Twitter (heaven help us).

Here's what he tweeted:

"We're thinking of taking #nfldraft primetime. 1st rd thurs, 2-3 rds Fri nite, 4-7 Sat. Good/bad idea? What do u think?"

If there is money to be made, they're going to do it -- and, guess what, there's money to be made. By Saturday, other than shut-ins, sportswriters and family members of potential draftees, I'm not exactly sure who is going to watch. But the Thursday night thing would be gigantic -- and now that they have the first round under 3 1/2 hours, it's possible. The Friday night thing would be good, too -- if for no other reason than it would give people a night to chew on what their team did or didn't get in the first round, and what the new imperatives are.

April is already National Draft Month. This will just make it official.