Biggest Boldin question: the contract

Anquan Boldin had 11 touchdowns in just 12 games last season for the Cardinals. (Jeff Chiu/Staff file photo)

Nobody talks about Anquan Boldin's contract, which is the reason he wants out of Arizona.  If the Eagles were to acquire him in a trade, they would have to renegotiate his contract with two years remaining and throw in an SUV full of cash. If the rumors about Boldin wanting $9 million-plus per season are true, this is an enormous mouthful.

Renegotiate with two years remaining...

After already doing Jason Peters...

Paging Sheldon Brown...

Paging Donovan McNabb...

This is the real problem -- and that is acknowledging that I'm not even sure that the Eagles love him as a player. The contract is the hurdle, both for the cash involved and for the locker room ramifications.


With that, I will end with a jerk question that encapsulates every bit of Eagles news for the last few days:

If the Eagles could only afford to do one thing, which would it be?

Get Boldin and give him a big new contract?

Or, pay the City of Philadelphia the $8 million it says it is owed?