Andrews: 'BIG RED...I love you man'

The melancholy tone of the posts on Shawn Andrews' Twitter account has been building for days, even since he was unable to practice with a back injury. It has built, sadly, to this day -- the day when Andrews was placed on injured reserve by the Eagles, ending his season and maybe his career with the team.

Yet, in a series of posts Tuesday afternoon, Andrews continued to display great respect and affection for Eagles coach Andy Reid.

Three posts:

I know u dont twit, but I wanna that the Andy Reid for trusting in me, and assisting me w/ my debacles along the way.

It's funny how u never know who may help you along he way... Dang near looked @ him sorta like a father I never had.. Will never forget you

BIG RED.. I love you man

Andrews has always been such an open book with people, and this is no different. He hasn't done any media interviews yet, but he Twitters incessantly about all kinds of things, about where he eats dinner and going to the movies and whatnot. But the posts since he reinjured his back have had this really sad portent to them for days now.

Here are some of the entries since last week. You will remember that it was on Thursday that Andrews suddenly stopped practicing after returning to the field:



I have 4 pretty darn good tickets for the game Sunday... FOR FREE....

Well this frustrating day is coming to a close all that note "yawl" have a blessed night. If u believe throw up a prayer for ya boy..



Morning Twitter.. Heading in early tryna get this body right... Have a blessed day all



Well thanks.. I'm good either way it turns, but tis disheartening.

I  won't.. You are very right.... What I wouldn't give to play w/ my bro. So close but yet so far...

Just laying low.. Tryna get this body right...

Its tough for ya boy right now.....



Hate friggin MRI machines... Sorta like being buried alive.. Sheesh

It is said that pain is weakness leaving the body, but what is it called if the pain doesn't leave???? Sheesh

Well time to get my sanford and Shawn on, I mean Sanford & Son.. G'nite yawl be blessed. If u pray! Pray for ya boy I will do the same. ;)



Morning yawl.. Carpe Diem.. Max out your day be blessed

I guess it's not. They will get over it, but I am the one who has the lifetime of pain, but this is the life I chose

Doing evrything I can to get back healthy

I will.. I am working, and praying, and working, and praying. Lord willing this is not the end..

Yeah man thanks. Some people will never understand.. I hope the negative people never go through what I am...

Man, I am blessed. I wont complain. I'm sorta in my feelings right now cause me & bro. talked up playing together for YEARS...

Thanks man. I am catching sooooo much flak, but hey GOD has my back (literally).. I can't even bend over to play w/ my son right

Yo bro.I wanna say thanks. This is not easy man.. When I can't interact w/ my son like I normally do, and people question me

People can't be that pissed because my back is messed up right now. I'm the one in pain.. Momma said there'd be days like this

I am going thru it right now, but GOD didnt bring me this far to leave me.


There is more, but you get the point.

The detractors are everywhere, and you wouldn't be human if you didn't wonder. But it is a back injury and they are notorious. There is really very little to do, after you have read those words, but feel the sadness for a football career in peril and a football player in pain.