The Idle Rich Archive: April, 2012

Devils should be worried

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The Flyers won a game, just a game, just one of the four games that they will need in order to get past the New Jersey Devils in the second... Read more

3 Big Answers: Sixers to NBA Playoffs; Dawkins to HOF?

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Video: Will Brian Dawkins be one of the few safeties voted into the Hall of Fame? How significant is a winning record for the Sixers? The Daily... Read more

Next stop for Dawk: Hall of Fame

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The news, inevitable for all who wear a uniform, arrived Monday morning: Brian Dawkins is retiring. Next stop: Canton. Having been paid to... Read more

Flyers win series

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And a 24-year-old shall lead them. Claude Giroux. Yes. On the first shift of what turned out to be the clinching game of the Flyers-Penguins... Read more

Flyers fail to clinch

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PITTSBURGH -- As it turns out, desperation wears many faces: Evgeni Malkin, searching and destroying and the consequences be damned; Kris Letang... Read more

Flyers get buried, 10-3

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Well, then. Maybe this is happening a little earlier than we thought, given how the first three games of the series went, but it was going... Read more

Fixing the NHL disciplinary system

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I have a lot of respect, and sympathy, for someone in the position currently occupied by Brendan Shanahan, the NHL’s dean of discipline... Read more

Flyers chat with Rich Hofmann

Rich Hofmann of the Daily News stopped by Wednesday for a live chat ahead of Game 4 of the Flyers-Penguins series. Read the transcript below... Read more

3 Big Answers: Fighting in NHL Playoffs; 76ers' Chances

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Video: Is it too early to start making Stanley Cup plans for the Flyers? Is fighting in the NHL playoffs out of control? Will the Sixers squeak... Read more

Flyers/Penguins: Violence sells

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Purists can decry the inhumanity to man that the Penguins and the Flyers exhibited for each other in a fight-filled Game 3 of their playoff... Read more