The Idle Rich Archive: February, 2009

Brian Dawkins, 1996-2009

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(UPDATED with this contract observation: Reports are that the Denver deal is for five years but, stripped away, it is two years and $9 million... Read more

The Andrews Brothers

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If Stacy Andrews is a player, the Eagles are in the process of getting themselves a double-bonus -- something they are never likely to admit... Read more

Does McNabb want out?

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Why, it seems like just yesterday that people were calling him a company man. My, how our Donovan has grown! Gone are the days when Eagles... Read more

John Stevens, Ironman

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Well, the Rangers gassed Tom Renney on Tuesday; so reports the New York Daily News. All of which means that Flyers coach John Stevens moves... Read more

A sports void

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I have been to 25 Super Bowls and six Olympic Games. I have been to the NBA Finals and seen Michael Jordan and I have been to hockey church... Read more

A-Rod's favorite movie

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Yes, this: Read more

Flyers fans voted most disruptive

Comment icon 0 Comments polled 193 NHL players on all 30 teams on a variety of questions. One of them concerned which fans in the league were the most disruptive... Read more

Barry Bonds, defendant

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For the third time in his career, Barry Bonds stood before a judge yesterday and pleaded not guilty. He walked past a pack of reporters on the... Read more

Arizona's final complaint

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Truth is, I might very well have thrown something at the television if one of the officials had thrown a penalty flag on this one, but the rulebook... Read more

Steelers' No. 1 Fan

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After Sunday, it has to be this guy, Antonio Alfonseca, doesn't it? Read more